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TudorsOnFilm Blog

Welcome to the TudorsOnFilm Blog. Here the authors will supplement the material in The Tudors on Film and Television with information about any hitherto undiscovered films made through the end of 2011, additional details that may come to light about the films included here, the recovery of films currently believed no longer extant, and new online entries about films made in and after 2012. We welcome discussion, so please join us. Or you can play 'Name-That-Tudor' with the slideshow below. For another slideshow featuring the serious films covered in the book, check out the About the Films page, which includes a list of all films covered in the book. And for yet another slideshow featuring the not-so-serious fims and television shows also covered in the book, hop over the to the Contact TudorsOnFilm page, and while you are there you can send us a message.


New Article About the Book!

Thanks to Bryan Perissutti for a great article on The Tudors on Film and Teleivison in Southeastern Louisiana University's Student newspaper, The Lion's Roar. Click here to see it.


New McFarland Catalogue

'The Tudors on Film and Television' is in the new McFarland catalogue just released today. For some reason we are in 'Popular Culture' (page 9) rather than 'History,' but since we share a page with 'The Doctor Who Franchise' and 'Do You Believe in Rock and Roll?' (to which I contributed a chapter), I can live with that. ;–)  (Bill)


Anne Boleyn's England (1970)

Hi, all. We received the following very interesting query from Lindsey Nicholls:

This is just a query I have.  I have the production notes for Anne of the Thousand Days and it mentions that a short film was shot at the same time, called Anne Boleyn's England. This covered interviews with the stars of AOTTD with insights about Anne's character.  I think it was produced by Hal B Wallis. I know this film is in existence because I remember seeing it listed in a book when I was at university ( a good many years' ago, it has to be said!). Has anybody else come across it in their travels - it would have been nice to have had it on the DVD of AOTTD as there are no extras. Many thanks. Lindsey

Answer: Anne Boleyn's England is listed in the British Film Institute Database, though the entry does not provide much information except to refer to it as a 'trailer.' Neither the BFI Archives nor the Library of Congress appears to have a copy. Has anyone seen this and/or does anyone know of a location?